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18th July
Enjoying Tesco's hygenic food


Being too scared to do a 66ft cliff jump



South America

North America
Zimbabwe 6 days
Australia 13 days
Chile 12 days
Canada 9 days
Botswana 6 days
NZ South Island 11 days
Argentina 3 days
Namibia 12 days

NZ North Island 14 days

Bolivia 12 days

South Africa 21 days

Peru 31 days
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Ecuador 9 days

Galapagos Is. 7 days

Brazil 21 days
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Lose a laptop
Nope, I cant believe it's still alive either...
End up in hospital
Luckily I wasn't the casualty
Catch a disease I can't spell
unfortunately I can spell 'The Shits'
Near death by drowning
Whitewater rafting on the Zambezi sorted that one...
Get mugged
No, but friends did in Rio and Cape Town
Bungy from over 200 metres
Been there, filled my pants, got the T shirt
Wrestle a wild animal
Does being licked by a cheetah count?How about an anaconda snake?How about a hungry lion?Anaconda snake...
Bribe a policeman
but not corrupt enough in Canada...
Spend a week on the loo
Maybe not a week, but it felt like it...
Eat an unidentified animal
It was some sort of antelope I believe...
Learn to ride a horse
finally, a speed machine...
Travel on a local bus with livestock
We tried, but in the end had to get a taxi...
Get drunk on something that's actually a fuel I bought it and drank it, but death would come before 'drunk'
Break a bone I've never heard of As if 'Sensible Steve' would ever break anything!
Sky dive How about 12,000 ft?
Breakdown in the middle of nowhere How about twice in the Namibian desert?...and in New Zealands mountains
Take part in a military uprising well, sort of...
Startle a llama
Gatecrash a local wedding The one opportunity, I didn't have my camera. (phew!)