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Day 181 - Toronto

We've spent 180 days eating insects and sleeping in gutters.* It was time for a week of luxury... Michelles Aunt & family live in Toronto in a ginormous beautiful house (as most Canadians seem to do!) and they looked after us for our last week.

*not strictly true...

All Canadian houses are like this. Seriously!


Day 182: Canada day fireworks

Apparently 138 years ago Canada became independent and now they celebrate every July 1st. I'm glad I'd finally read the camera manual...

Another cool firework...


Psyclone ride

Day 183 - Canadas Wonderland

Their equivalent of Alton Towers, yet even bigger.

Psyclone at night

Pirate ship that goes over the top!


Niagara from the giant tower

Day 184 - Niagara falls

It feels like a tour of the worlds waterfalls. If only we'd managed to get to Angel falls in Venezuela...

It's big and amazing, just like Iguacu and Victoria falls.

The famous (yet dull) Maid of the Mist


Grand Theft Auto - Police version...

Day 185 - Stealing police cars, bribing policemen and getting locked up

You don't turn down a chance to drive a police car if you find one

Attempting to bribe a cop...

unattended with the keys in the ignition. So we took it for a spin to see what the baby could do, but unfortunately they traced us and after a dangerous chase across Toronto (luckily no innocent people got injured) we were arrested.

It was a last chance to complete the task 'bribe a policeman' but those Canadian policeman just arn't corrupt. If only we'd made it to the Bolivian border... So we ended up spending a night in the cells.

I woke to find it was all a dream and we had just had a tour of the police station from Michelle's policeman cousin Craig...

Tee hee!

Day 186 - 187: Lakeside lodge

One of Craig's friends has an amazing holiday home 2 hours from Toronto.

Cowboy Craig at the campfire


It's the sort of place you dream of owning, with a speedboat, hot tub, barbeque, fireplace, and bunk house for 12 friends.

We spent the days veging in the sun in the hot tub, drinking beer and waterskiing. Life doesn't get any better. Apart from the bloody mossies...

Michelle's 1st go at waterskiing

Jeff, the expert

My 1st time at 1-ski waterskiing

I'm trying to grab a fish I saw...

Click for video (140mb)

1st attempts at trying 1-ski waterskiing

<- Steve.......Craig ->

Cliff jump
Extreme buddies, be very ashamed of me. I had the option to jump off a 20 metre (66ft) cliff into the lake. It was a bit cold and no one pressured me so I didn't do it. I think I've had enough of scaring myself!

The cliff of certain death

The back of Craigs thigh afterwards!

Chris going in arse first!

Click for video

Craig. Respect. I chickened out.

<- Chris from 12m  
Craig from 20m->


The highest tower in the world

Day 188: CN tower

The worlds highest tower at 553m. It has a glass floor. Hmm. And a view...

The glass floor, 350m up

Those are massive skyscrapers!


Live TV!

TV megastars!

A tour of a TV studio from a family friend who works for Much Music (Canadian MTV). We were there as they were broadcasting live and my bag got in the background... (no not Michelle!)

Much Music live TV station


And finally... The southern hemisphere world tour is over. After over 6 months, travelling over 110,000 km (Lands end to John O'Groats 73 times!) and £10,000 each, taking over 18,000 photos (I've only kept 11,000!) it's back to normality.... See you soon...

Goodbye to the trip of a lifetime...