Vietnam & Cambodia


2 weeks travelling around Vietnam and Cambodia


Population: Vietnam 86m, Cambodia: 14m (UK = 60m)
Vietnam: 325,000sq km, Cambodia: 180,000sq km. (UK = 245,000)
Famous for:
Wars and eating dogs
Cost of a can of Coke in a restaurant (the new standard!): 70p
Temperature in November:
20'C Hanoi, 12'C Sapa. 25'C Cambodia.
Local food: Noodles and fat. £3.
Flight cost: £714: London - Soeul - Hanoi - Siem Reap - Soeul - London.
Flight Duration: 30 hours hotel to home!


Day 1: Hanoi

Capital of Vietnam. Everybody has a scooter and there are no rules on the road other than 'keep going'.

The food is delicious... ...If you like boiled eggs which have been fertilised and incubated so the baby chicken has started growing...

yes, that really is a chicken foetus...

We had a touristy tour of the city and went to see Ho Chi Minh who the Vietnamese still idolise even though he's dead and preserved in a cabinet. He was the leader of the north Vietnamese who eventually took over the south despite America trying to help.

In the evening we took a cyclo tour which, considering the lawless traffic was a significant threat to life. And it got worse when he let me drive...



Overnight train to Sapa

Day 2: Overnight train to Sapa

After 30 hours getting to Hanoi, the thing you really need is a sleeper train where you try and sleep on a bunk in a cupboard while the train rattles for 7 hours into the mountains...

However once there, the people were fascinating. And so were the barbaqued dogs heads and feet.




Day 3-5: Sapa

We went off the beaten track to meet the real locals and ended up in a market where tourists rarely venture.

You could buy a pigs face quite cheaply. However Michelle didn't like it. Apparently it's not a 'proper present'.



We visited a local village where Michelle was revered as a giant, and I corrupted all the children by showing them a digital camera for the first time.

All the children will be wanting one for xmas instead of pigs faces.


Day 6-8: Halong bay

Another grim overnight train journey and a long minibus took us out to the very picturesque Halong bay.

On the way we saw people taking their cows to market. I dont think they have a Vietnamese equivalent of the RSPCA...


Day 9-10:
Cuc Phuong National park.

1000 year old trees and nice insects.





Days 11 -15: Cambodia.

About 30 years ago a moron leader called Pol Pot slaughtered about 2 million Cambodians (20% of the population). Then when the Vietnamese threw him out, he and his buddies (the Khymer Rouge) laid lots of landmines which still remove the legs of 2 or 3 people a day. Every day. And will do for years.

However before this, about 1000 years ago, the leaders built lots of temples around Angkor, which are now mostly in ruins.


The most famous ones are Angkor Wat (above) which is big and in fairly good shape, and Ta Prohm (below) which is famous from the film Tomb Raider and has tree growing through and over all the buildings.


Like Vietnam, everyone has a moped and anything can be transported.



Full photo album and movies - Vietnam - Cambodia

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