Just 1 week in Tobago based at Turtle beach, diving and checking out the wildlife.


0.06m (UK = 60m)

300sq km (UK = 245,000)
Famous for:
Hmm, nothing!
Cost of a can of Coke in a restaurant (the new standard!): 80p
Temperature in April:
Warm/hot 26-33'C.
Local food: Mini chedders and iced gems until we run out. Then its standard western food.
Holiday cost: £620 each, room only


Day 1: Diving at Arnos Vale



Juvenile French angelfish

Flamingo tongue coral eater

Not a cardinal fish...

Seahorse! The only one we've ever seen!


Day 2: Nature park



Mot mot - note the cool tail!


Day 3: Rainforest trip





Day 4: Diving at Speyside


Yellow banded cleaner shrimp


Day 5: Snorkelling at Arnos Vale


Porcupine fish

Spotted moral eel

Day 6: Little Tobago Island bird sanctuary



Red-billed tropic birds

The only place in the world they nest

Litlle fuzzy chick


Argyle falls...
...where the water is powerful
enough to wash away your toupe...


Finally on the last night!



Leatherback turtle laying eggs on the beach at 1am

The eggs


Mrs Turtle heading back to sea after a couple of hours



Extra day: Flight cancelled!



Full photo album and movie

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