4 days in 100km north of the Arctic Cicle in northern Sweden looking
for the northern lights

Population: 10m (UK = 60m)
450,000sq km (UK = 245,000)
Famous for:
Northern lights & Abba
Cost of a can of Coke in a restaurant: Probably £5? We never bought one!
Weather in March:
Cold. Up to -5'C day, - 33'C at night!
Local food: Moose & reindeer
Flight cost: £295 via Oslo and Stockholm



Day 1: Overnight in Oslo

Not easy to get there cheaply so ended up flying via Oslo.

Day 2: Getting to Kiruna

Flight: Oslo - Stockholm - Kiruna then 1 hour in a hire car.



We struck gold on the 1st night with the northern lights. They are quite amazing, but the photos are misleading, using long exposures to make the lights look brighter than they really look to the eye.

Day 3: Skidoo safari

32 miles of whizzing around in a slightly adventurous way and a nice camp fire reindeer stew lunch.


Day 4: Ice hotel

£34 each just to look around! But it is very impressive and special.

They cut out the ice with a chain saw and save it for the year after when they rebuild the whole hotel from scratch as soon as winter comes again.

Reindeers like lichen...




Day 5: Husky sledding

24 miles of major effort for the dogs, and plenty of effort for us too. Especially after a few crashes...

At the end of the movie is a video of the lights Imade by taking a series of 8 second exposure photos, then merging them together.




Surprisingly, if you start off warm, you can stand -31'C with no clothes for 2 minutes without too much pain. However I didn't fancy testing the pain after just one more minute...

Full photo album and movie

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