Fast facts
Population: 4.3m (UK = 60m)
56,000sq km (UK = 245,000)
Famous for:

The 1990's war of independence.
Cost of a can of Coke in a restaurant:
£1.50 - £2.50
Weather in Sept:
Warm 23'C day, 18'C night .
Local food:
Pizza, pasta & oil.
Flight cost:
£170 to Split

10 days, between 4 bases - Krka, Plitvice lakes, Dubrovnik and Split.

Day 1: Krka National park

Making a nice change from the usual long haul, having set off at 4am we were on holiday by lunchtime!

The Krka river has a series of very scenic waterfalls, good for a couple of hours of exploring and a bit of cold swimming.


Days 2&3: Plitvice Lakes

An enormous area of lakes, waterfalls and caves.

The water is unfeasably clear and defies description (although "it's really clear" would do I suppose!)


The area is massive and each feature is massive. There are so many lakes/waterfalls/caves it's difficult to capture it in a photo.



Random photo of Trogir we took from the plane, having no
idea what it was and that we would call in there later!

Day 4: Drive to Dubrovnik

Long 7hr drive via Trogir, which is a random old town built on a tiny island.

Day 5-7: Dubrovnik

A very famous walled city, dating back many centuries. Famous for being heavily bombed during the war of 1991.

A compulsory stop for cruise liners, means its crowded with tourists, but its still very nice and interesting.


View from our balcony!

The city walls show clearly from up the mountain.
From here in 1991 they rained bombs on Dubrovnik.

Piles of kittens are everywhere...

The Red Tile Company were very pleased to get the contract to fix the bomb damage...

Day 8-10: Split (that's the name of the city!)

The second largest city in Croatia. Very laid back.

Full of tourists, ancient ruins and yummy pastry shops.

Day 10:

Day trip to Island Brac and the rather bizarre beach at Bol.


Picture stolen from Google


The sea is unbelievably clear. And cold! No reefs or exciting widlife though.