7 days in Marsa Alam
at Hotel Three Corners Fayrouz Plaza.

Fast facts
Population: 80m (UK = 63m)
1,000,000sq km (UK = 245,000)
Famous for:
Red sea diving and political unrest
Cost of a can of Coke in a restaurant:
Ah?! We were all inclusive...
Weather in Nov:
Warm 30'C day, 18'C night
Local food: Dry cake and normal western food
Flight cost: £370 to Marsa Alam

Day 1: House reef snorkelling

Possibly the best house reef we have have ever seen. Goes on for miles and in very good condition.

Porcupine fish

Lion fish


Days 2: Diving disaster - Abu Dabbab

We went to a dive site we had been to a few years ago. Perfect for going diving without a guide for the first time ever (in over 100 dives!). A nice bay, entry from the sandy shore, reef down one side, couldn't have been simpler in theory. However as we we coming back the visibility suddenly dropped to literally an arms length. We couldn't see to take the route back we planned so had to follow the reef edge which we assumed took us to the sandy shore. It didn't. It took us to a shallow dead end and before we knew it we were hit by breaking waves and dragged over the rocks. "Help" cried Michelle as she was tossed across the sharp rocks, tearing her wetsuit and bashing her knees. "I'd love to but I'm too busy dying myself" I would have said if I could...

Eventually the waves spat us out broken and battered on the beach.



Unfortunately in the panic I forgot my standard rule of "There's no better time to start filming than when you are about to die". So there is no video footage of the fun. Pity.


Day 3: Diving Elphinstone reef

We had already pre-booked this once-a-week dive trip to this famous reef, otherwise it was a bad idea. Michelle was still broken from yesterday and on top of that was ill. But we persevered and it turned out ok.

The main attraction is the chance to see a rare oceanic white tip reef shark or even rarer hammerhead shark, however neither were there.

But it was all quite pretty.


Day 4: House reef & Marsa Mubarak bay


The next bay along the coast has a possibility of spotting a very rare dugong (sea cow) so we spent lots of time there. However like all rare, difficult to find things they tend to be difficult to find... However as a consolation prize the bay was also home to some giant turtles and rays.

Day 5: Marsa Mubarak bay & House reef

Back to sea cow bay very early to see if she was there early before the people turn up, but again no luck. However octopus, mackrel, a very rare crocodile fish

Crocodile fish

Surgeon fish

Baby moray eel

Mackeral filter feeding


Day 6: Marsa Mubarak bay & House reef

Early start for a mile long snorkel along the house reef all the way to sea-cow bay. She still wasnt there, but we got to spend time en route with Mr Turtle .

Day 7: House reef

Final day. A last morning tour of the house reef, just to make sure our wetsuits were wet for packing.