St Lucia

10 days split between Fond Doux Plantation and Marigot Bay.


Population: 200,000 (UK = 60,000,000)
617sq km (UK = 245,000)
Famous for:
The pitons (pointy mountains)
Cost of a can of Coke in a restaurant: £1.50
Weather in March:
"Hot & a bit rainy " 30'C day, 26'C night .
Local food: Fishy things .
Flight cost: £475


Day 1: Travelling

We picked up a hire car and took ourselves off to our cottage at Fond Doux plantation. It came with a hummingbird that lived outside the front door.



Day 2: Sulphur Springs volcano and Diamond waterfall

They are very proud of their 'drive in volcano'. But it's only some boiling mud pools and a smell of sulphur. The waterfall is similarly underwhelming, but pleasant enough for a day out.



Day 3-4: Anse Chastenet beach & Jalousie beach (aka Sugar Beach)

Pleasent beach with a bit of snorkelling.


At Sugar Beach they have the coolest tuk-tuk to take you up the hill.



Tet Paul lookout point

A little known trail takes you to a lookout point overlooking the famous pitons.



Day 5: Anse La Ray

River Rock waterfall failed to impress and the water looked like it would dissolve your skin.

The aim of the day was a fish-fry street party in the evening... but it it turned out it doesn't happen during lent! None of that nasty "enjoying yourself" allowed for the religious locals.


Day 6: Snorkelling boat trip


Beautiful scenery around the pitons, but nothing much below the water. Caribean diving & snorkelling has always been a bit disappointing.


Day 7: Plantation tour

Where we lived grew cocoa beans for making chocolate. Here they are being sun-dried before being roasted.



The pool was only for people with fluorescent white skin...



Day 8: Relocation to Marigot bay

Possibly the most scenic bay in the Carribean, and we had a villa overlooking it. :-)






Day 9: Beach trip

Snorkelling... this time we found a cool octopus...



Day 10: Last day in paradise

As the villa living area had no walls, the local wildlife lived in there with us. Mr Frog lived in the sink.