2 weeks in the Bay Islands of Honduras.

Population: Roatan: 30,000
Guanaja: 10,000

Size: 30 miles (UK = 1000miles)
Famous for:
Cost of a can of Coke in a restaurant (the new standard!): £1
Temperature in Mar:
Warm - hot 22-33'C.
Local food: Fish.
Flight cost: £650 to Roatan via Atlanta

Days 1-4: Antony's Key Resort


A very posh start, and the reason we came here. Anthony's Key is a dive resort that has dolphins that you can SCUBA with in the open ocean.

It's a bit commercial, and a lot expensive, but still a magical once in a lifetime experience.


We went diving three times a day, which was a bit intensive - and a bit cold! The water temp was only 78'F (25'C) so despite 2 wet suits it was a bit chilly for us softies. But we did see a few cool things.


Day 5: Transfer to Guanaja Island

30miles looks like a small distance on a big map but becomes a large distance in a little boat in rough seas! When we chose to take a boat rather than fly in a little plane, the plane company said "well, hope you get good weather for the crossing!" After being bounced around and soaked by spray for an hour we finally pulled up in a bay and I thought we were there, and well, that wasn't too bad. Then I saw our driver putting on a big thick waterproof suit and he said "now the journey really begins" as we crossed the open ocean between the two Islands. Poor Michelle's bad back. It was a miserable crossing. You know it's an adventure when you think "Well, it can't get any worse" - and then it does. It reminded me of Richard Branson's story of when he was in a similar situation and the boat developed problems. He and his girlfriend managed to swim ashore but the rest died... Anyway, we finally made it after 3hr 20min.



Day 5-11: Diving and dying

We spent a week almost alone at Bo Bush's Island house. There aren't really any roads on this island so you get everywhere by boat or walking. It was very pleasant, except that the biting insects thought I was very tasty and the gastroenteritis that disabled me for a few days.




Days 11-15: Return to Roatan - Bananarama resort

A very nice quiet beachy place - except on the day when a cruise ship calls in and disgorges tons of rif-raf! (Hi mum!). We were a bit 'dived-out' but it didn't matter as the snorkelling was great.


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