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Population: 17 million

Flight time: 13hr direct flight

Living costs: £30- £60 a night double room

Meal costs: £3 each

Can of Fanta in restaurant: 40p

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Sunset at Rai Ley West

Day 2 - Bangkok

A big city. Full of grandiose pointless temples and Palaces built for rich (I bet stupid too) people by the poor people who continue to live in squalor all around. We took a boat trip on the network of canals where people living in terrible contitions.

I never want to see another temple or palace. (Except maybe Ankor Wat in Cambodia)

The transport system is fascinating. People think nothing of going to work in skirts and high heals sitting sideways on the back of mopeds.

Days 4, 5 & 6 Rai Ley West

A quick flight to Krabi and a 1 hour boat ride takes us to a scenic paradise.

To be remembered as one of the nicest places we've ever been, there were wild monkeys in the trees and elephants *
*the elephants weren't in the trees. They were at a latex farm and hopefully they were well looked after.


Day 7, 8 & 9 Ko Phi Phi

Famous for being mullered by the tsunami, this island paradise has almost recovered, but the 700 dead people haven't.

We took a snorkelling boat tour around the local islands, seeing dolphins, sharks and polar bears*.

*OK, I mean fish.

To round off a great few days we agreed to meet some newly made friends at a bar to watch a big rugby match. Fortunately instead there was a lady-boy show on.


Days 10,11 & 12 - Phuket

The biggest island off Thailand, attached to the mainland by a bridge.

Having been active most of the time so far, we spent the last few days being lazy and eating ice cream.

Food was really cheap, one night we wanted more rice to go with our new favourite dish - Thai green curry. We were rash and ordered an extra portion for 20p.

Massages are available everywhere. This beachside one cost £5 for an hour.

Hurrah for Thailand...