Part 1: Vanuatu
Part 2: Tonga
Part 3: Fiji


Part 3 of the honeymoon - 10 days in Fiji in the Yasawa Islands, split between Manta Ray island and Blue Lagoon beach resort.

Population: 0.8m (UK = 60m)
322 Islands covering 18,000sq km (UK = 245,000sq km)
Famous for:
Rugby 7's beaches and cannibals (not now, in the 1800's!)
Temperature in July:
"Warm" 26-30'C day and night. 60% humidity.
Local food: Normal western food in the resorts
Cost of a can of fizzy pop in a cafe: £1.50
Flight cost: £1200 to get here plus £70 inter-island flights

Days 20-25: Manta ray Island resort

Getting a bit more luxurious now. This place even had mosquito nets! We spent 4 days snorkelling, with manta rays each morning and then on the amazing house reef the rest of the day.





Days 25-30:
Blue Lagoon beach resort

We then moved further north. Here the snorkelling was almost as fantastic. We didn't get a mosquito net, but it would have been useful to keep the many mossies off us. And the monster spiders. And the mice...



We went diving and took all the leftover fish carcasses from the restaurant to feed to the sharks. There were about 8 reef sharks and one huge 6ft lemon shark. Then we went on a night snorkel and got hassled by a reef shark which made me rapidly try and remember whether big reef sharks 'never' bite people... or whether it was just 'rarely'...





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