Podcasts are great for car journeys. These are the ones I've probably told you about...



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Hunting humbug 101 A crash course in shooting down bad arguments. (Logical fallacies for beginners) By Jef and Theo Clarke Website http://huntinghumbug101.podbean.com/feed/
Skeptoid A weekly look at a topic to see what the truth is behind the rumours by Brian Dunning Website http://skeptoid.com/podcast.xml


Reviews of all types of alternative medicine nonsense by Mark Crislip Website http://www.quackcast.com/epodcasts/files/rss.xml
The pod delusion Intelligent discussion on interesting things - from scepticism, the lefty liberal things, it's commentary from a secular rationalist, Guardianista perspective. Website http://www.ipadio.com/phlog_rss.asp?phlogid=9216
Skeptics with a K 3 lads in a pub discussing amusing things Website http://feeds.feedburner.com/swak


This is the full list of ones I know about. Recommend me your favourite - steve.haigh (at) yahoo.co.uk